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Would you like to learn how to manipulate (HVT) the vertebral column in a safe and gentle way that has a profound effect on your patients health.

The Lancaster System – Safe and gentle

These courses have been developed for qualified therapists such as physiotherapists, sports massage therapists and sports injury therapists. The pre-requisite is a minimum qualification in Sports Massage at Level 4 or Level 3 passed before 2009. Once you have completed The Lancaster System courses you can gain insurance from FHT or BGI. (Individually assessed on case to case basis).

Have you attended Masterclasses and let’s say been a bit overwhelmed by the amount of techniques you were taught and maybe not feeling confident in applying these new techniques to your patients? If so The Lancaster System courses are most certainly for you.

The Lancaster System was born out of attending many Masterclass courses over the past 21 years and although filled with excellent content and masterful techniques I just felt that I would struggle in remembering let alone being comfortable with using these great techniques on my patients. Often I would ask some of the other therapists attending the courses whether they would be applying the techniques to their patients and an overwhelming amount said “No way I just don’t think I would feel confident”; so echoing my own concerns this is where The Lancaster System can help you.

I have put together courses that will concentrate on one area of the spine and really specialise on just 1 technique that is the bread and butter technique for that particular spinal section. Once this technique is taught we can then modify it to incorporate other nearby joints.

The courses are taught in a way that delivers the basics of why how and when to use spinal manipulation on one particular area of the spine and as gently and as safely as one can.

For Example – The Lumbar Spine

The bread and butter technique is the Lumbar Roll – learn it in a gentle safe and effective way.

Then learn 1 modification to the Sacro Illiac Joint.

Then learn 2nd modification to the Dorso-Lumbar Region.

Master the most common technique to one region then modify and then adapt your techniques to the individual needs of your patient.

How you stand in correct posture while treating with these techniques.

How you set up your vulnerable and often in pain patient correctly.

Assessment protocol that will keep you and your patient safe.

History of this wonderful technique.

Understand physiological events that go on under your hands.

The Lancaster System offers training from the very basics and fundamentals up to advanced manipulation skills from a therapist with over 20 years experience in manipulating the vertebral column to improve range of movement and relieve pain.

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Why Choose The Lancaster System

  • John loves to manipulate the spine because it is an integral part of an all round treatment plan that gets patients back to the things they love doing.
  • Small Classes maximum of 14 in any one class.
  • The courses cover one spinal section per course so to concentrate on being able to perform one technique confidently (and a few more modified techniques).

John truly believes in Bruce Lees quote..

“Do not fear the person who knows 1000 techniques fear the person who knows one technique who practices it 1000 times”.

This is how John structures his courses – if you can confidently perform one technique that produces a great healing experience for your patient then this has far more benefit than trying to learn and perform 20 techniques badly.

The Lancaster System

Unique Way of Training

John allows everyone to work with everyone when it comes to the practical session, in fact he encourages changing partners. He will even apply the technique to everyone in the class; this is essential for students to feel how it should feel. John is also willing to have the students apply the technique on himself, now this is groundbreaking when it comes to an individuals learning, once you know how it feels and how you make someone else feel you arehalf way there. Then it’s just practice.

With over 18 years of CPD courses attended, John has never been taught as hands on as this and that’s why he is offering it to you to enhance your learning.

Follow us at @lancastersystemuk